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17th September 2021

Chess Skills Mapping with Multiple Intelligence

Chess Skills Mapping with Multiple Intelligence We know that playing chess can exercise our minds. Chess is a brain game that enhances patience, perseverance, and concentration while developing memory, creativity, and intuition. It also helps improve the ability to process information easily, solve complex problems, and make tough decisions. While Playing chess cannot help improve your physical s...

18th August 2021

Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages for Kids

  Learning a new language can be beneficial for any age. It can benefit children in several ways. Several research studies across the globe support starting multiple language education at the early school level. Children are capable of learninga new language quickly at a very young age. Moreover, children can also reap several benefits when they learn multiple languages at the age of 6 to 1...

25th February 2021

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Kids

The physical and mental benefits of Yoga and meditation are well recognized across the world.Yoga encourageshealth and wellbeing through practices of different postures,movement, relaxation, meditation, and breathing exercises. It can build emotional, physical, and mental strength,and the benefits are not limited only to adults. Research has revealed that yoga and meditation can be highly benefici...

7th December 2020

RANJITSINH DISALE - The Global Teacher

RANJITSINH DISALE - The Global Teacher Global teacher prize is a very much respected and renowned recognition given to teachers all over the world who have made an invaluable contribution to the profession. It is an annual $1 million award. It is given by the Varkey Foundation. And in the year 2020, a teacher named Ranjitsinh Disale has made proud of the Indian nation and all the teachers by rece...